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Management Letter

Hello there, partners! welcome to our website, “Chemical partners”; the company we established in 1995.
For the past years, CP has developed and supplied a series of raw materials for paints, Inks and other industrials.
And for the upcoming years, Chemical Partners will continue to challenge itself to further innovation.
According to the excellent results demonstrated along years, we have further expanded our customer base strategy by anticipating customer’s needs that emerge from changing times.
In terms of today, we are still committed to the same ideals and objectives that have driven our success over the previous quarter-century; including continuous investment in our human resources, and a strong commitment to maximize value for our investors.
With our ambitious and achievable plan, we promise unparalleled value to our clients based on our solid foundation in core businesses.
This plan, I believe, will position us as a world leader that creates long-term stakeholder value.

Dr. Ibrahim AlShahat