Grinding Media for W.B Inks

Product CodeSolid% + 1Solvent CompositionType of OilOil%PA%Type of PolyolAcid ValueViscosity Gardner @25 º CViscosity Cpoise @25ºCColor GardnerPerformance
Chempart 20/55-LRSW-(70%)70White SpiritSun Flower or Soya bean0.6228Penta8 maxZ8 at 70% & Y-Z at 55%2000 @ 55%4 maxHigh viscosity,Good gloss & gloss retention, very good mechanical properties, good yellowing resistance &hardness.wide use interior & extrior house paints
Chempart 35/55-LRSW-(70%)70White SpiritSun Flower or Soya bean6129Penta8 maxZ10 at 70% & Z2 at 55%3500 at 55%4 maxVery high Viscosity, very good mechanical properties& high gloss &gloss retention.wide use indoor & outdoor paints
Chempart 11/55-LRSW-(70%)70White SpiritSun Flower or Soya bean6128Penta11 max Z6 at 70% & V-W at 55%1100 at 55%4 maxexcellent mechanical properties(bending ,impact,adhesion&hardness),very high gloss & gloss retention
Chempart 65/70-LRSW-(70%)70White SpiritSun Flower or Soya bean6625Gly.Penta8 maxZ4-Z5 at 70%6500 at 70%4 maxhigh gloss & gloss retention,very good mechanical properties , Brush ability & leveling.
Chempart 5/60-LRSW-(70%)70White SpiritSun Flower or Soya bean6624Penta10 maxO-P at 60%& Y-Z at 70%500 @ 60%4 maxVery low viscosity , very light color ,excellent mechanical properties, High gloss &gloss retention brush ability & leveling.
Chempart 98/70-LRSFW-(70%)70White SpiritNon yellowing Sun Flower fatty acid6125Penta8 maxZ5-Z6 at 70%9800 @ 70%4 max Light color , High gloss& gloss retention,good adhesion,& bending ,very good yellowing resistance .

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